Wizz Air flies Romania-Hungary

The main low-cost flight operator in Central and Eastern Europe Wizz Air inaugurated officially on Monday, July 17, its passenger flights between Romania and Hungary. The first Wizz Air flight occurred on July 13/14, at night, betweenTargu Mures (central Romania) and Budapest, but the officials wanted to inaugurate officially a first daylight flight on Transilvania Airport in Targu Mures.

An inauguration offer was launched on this occasion for the population in Transylvania: 10,000 free tickets, the airport tax excluded (69 lei).

A low-cost ticket will cost 19.89 euros, including airport taxes, a fifth compared to other European prices, the company officials claim.

Each Wizz Air flight will offer 60-90 low-cost seats, on an average of three weekly flights.

Wizz Air is an English company with three branches in Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria, has 5 operational bases, and performs flights to 40 destinations on 70 routes.


The Wizz Air fleet is the youngest in Europe, as the 9 Airbus A 320 planes seating 180 persons have been working for less than three years. Another 24 planes will be bought by 2010 on the basis of a contract worth of 1.4 billion euros.

Wizz Air executive director Jozsef Varadi said that the company’s entrance on the Romanian market aimed to strengthen its leading position on the Central and East European market. “We want to impose the Wizz brand by offering low prices and a comfortable flight for the Romanian citizens, before the EU accession,” said Varadi.

He said that the Targu Mures airport was the perfect location for Wizz Air, with a view to serving the millions of Transylvanian inhabitantsand the ones that want to know the region.