Leaders join Arab budget airline meet

Airline industry leaders from Middle East and North Africa will join the GCC Low Cost Airlines Conference organized by Datamatix in Dubai UAE on September 19-20, 2006. The purpose of the conference is to convene top decision makers from major legacy and low cost carriers across the Middle East, North Africa and the Indian sub continent to examine if the low-cost airline business model will stand the test of the times and if it will pose a threat on the market share of legacy carriers.

Introducing the conference which is one of the first such conference on the topic in Dubai, Datamatix Managing Director, Ali Al Kamali said, ‘GCC airline industry has come to a momentous point in its growth curve and the option of low cost airlines is posing exciting challenges and opportunities to the airline market. The airline industry is faced with significant economic challenges with rising costs and competition as more and more countries are adopting an open sky policy. However, rising costs is by far the most important hurdle that has to be addressed if an airline needs to stay afloat and profitable.’

Airline Industry leaders like Boeing, Middle East Airlines Lebanon, Air Arabia UAE, Go Air India, Yemenia Yemen, Air-Asia Malaysia, Afriqiya Airline from Libya have confirmed to address this event. Joining them will be industry veterans from globally renowned aviation consulting firms like the SH & E Limited, USA.

‘Datamatix consider it is our historical objective to educate future leaders and effect positive change in various sectors of the regional industry,’ said Ali Al Kamali. ‘World has recognized the viability of Low Cost Carriers, and for the benefit of the regional industry, we are pleased to provide a platform to discuss the pros and cons of the low cost business model and its implications to the legacy carriers.’

Day one of the conference looks at the commercial, technical and operational aspects of a low-cost model for an airline and will try to provide a fresh perspective to traditional and low cost carriers on what the future holds for them. While Day 2 addresses eTicketing and eFreighting, two technologies based developments that can play a huge role that can make air travel more efficient, easily accessible and cost efficient.