Agents get new trade website, which offers a ‘one stop shop’ of activities, short breaks and ‘things to do’ content, is launching a new trade website which promises ‘something different’ for customers.

Agents who sign up to use the tool will now have access to a website that - following independent research - will make the buying process as simple and relevant as possible.  It has also adapted to fast changing trends in terms of what consumers are looking for from agents as Commercial Director, Katy Knox comments:

“We felt there was a gap in the market in terms of flexible, online availability for short breaks and activities. We have sourced a range of products from ski, golf, outdoors through to theme parks, city breaks, concerts, sports events, spa breaks as well as breaks for groups or single travellers.”

Agents will now have access to over 2,000 unique products from over 600 suppliers online and can book them for the customer in real time whilst purchasing them at industry rates and making considerable commission at the same time.
Katy Knox adds:

“We had been approached by a number of agents who wanted access to our product and so it made sense for us to develop a site specifically for agents. We have deliberately sourced products that have been designed to be dynamically packaged by the agent and will really give their customers reasons to travel.  Also, the website will allow agents to be instantly knowledgeable about ‘things to do’ at hundreds of destinations.”