Worldwide Assistance steps up security

Worldwide Assistance, a provider of travel, health and identity theft resolution services, is expanding its ID Theft services portfolio to include proactive credit monitoring.
With Worldwide Assistance’s new credit monitoring capability, customers’ credit information is continuously surveyed. Immediate notification is sent of any change in data or suspicious activity on their credit reports and records. Combining credit monitoring with its existing top-line resolution services, Worldwide Assistance supports victims every step of the way, helping them to quickly identify the problem, easily recover, minimize loss and prevent future incidents.

“As identity thieves continue to pervade our lives and ravage our personal information, we need to make sure all our bases are covered,” said Kirk Voisin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Worldwide Assistance. “At Worldwide Assistance we’re tackling the problem from start to finish, making sure our customers know the moment they’ve been victimized and are provided hand-in-hand support and education throughout the entire ordeal.”

Worldwide Assistance pairs victims with trained specialists who are able to access credit records in real-time, ensuring rapid response and prevention of further damage. The specialists then support victims throughout the entire recovery process and perform the necessary paperwork, phone calls and communications to restore their identity, relieving victims of the dozens of hours and inevitable stresses involved.

The new credit monitoring service is currently offered as an added benefit to ID Theft Resolution programs serviced by Worldwide Assistance. Financial institutions, insurance providers and corporations currently rely on Worldwide Assistance’s ID Theft Resolution Services to deliver added value and protection to their customers and employees.