Jordan booms as people flee Lebanon

Hotel occupancy rates in Jordan have increased in recent days as many people fled Lebanon since the start of Israel-Hizbollah conflicts early Wednesday, the Jordan Times reported on Tuesday. Michel Nazzal, head of the Jordanian Hotel Association, was quoted as saying that the occupancy rates of five-star hotels in Jordan stood at 90 percent as a result of the security deterioration in Lebanon.

The renowned Marriott Hotel even peaked with 100 percent occupancy because of the sudden influx of evacuees from Lebanon, the hotel’s sales agent Enas Ghrayeb told the newspaper.

She said that the hotel’s occupancy rate began to raise to full on Friday and Saturday from the previous 85-90 percent occupancy rate.

Many of those booked at the hotel are Lebanese nationals as well as foreign staff from UN organizations and the World Bank who fled Lebanon as the Israel-Hizbollah conflicts quickly escalated, she added.

Meanwhile, the four-star Howard Johnson Hotel also saw an influx of people from Lebanon from Saturday, increasing the occupancy rate by some 10 percent according to the report.