Travelocity Biz makes enhancements

Travelocity Business(SM) is making new enhancements to its mid-office and agent desktop systems as part of its continued effort to provide travelers with relevant travel information that simplifies the business travel process.

Recognizing that business travelers are often rushed and may inadvertently mix up some of their travel details during a booking, Travelocity Business’ mid-office system can now produce email alerts to travelers any time a potential discontinuity is detected on a traveler’s itinerary.

The new alerts make travelers take a second look at a questionable itinerary to help avoid any potential pitfalls before they embark upon a trip.
Travelocity Business has also integrated a new CRM solution within its agent desktop so that travel counselors and customer service personnel both have access to traveler issues and can make updates as needed. The tighter integration also means that travelers are kept informed of the status of their issue until it is resolved, as the system automatically issues email updates to the affected business traveler any time a representative opens, modifies or closes an issue.

The customer service issues also are integrated into Travelocity Business’ standard reporting suite, so that a company’s travel manager can pull reports and examine the number of open or closed issues and the type of issues for more proactive travel management. For example, a travel manager can compile issues specific to a particular supplier to aid in the negotiation process.

“At Travelocity Business, we appreciate that travelers want to focus on their business objectives during a trip and not deal with unnecessary travel problems,” said Ellen Keszler, president of Corporate Solutions at Sabre Holdings Corporation. “This latest round of enhancements is part of our continued effort to make the business travel experience as seamless as possible for travelers by keeping them updated with the travel information they need.”


In May, 2006, Travelocity Business also announced the availability of individual traveler histories aimed at helping business travelers more easily reconcile their expenses. The company also introduced refund confirmation emails, so that travelers who refund a ticket immediately know that the refund has been processed without having to wait for the adjustment to appear on their next monthly credit card statement.