BookingBuilder agents gain G2 access

G2 SwitchWorks is announcing a new partnership with BookingBuilder Technologies, a point-of-sale provider of non-GDS content, to offer travel agents direct access to G2’s airline fares via BookingBuilder Desktop.

BookingBuilder customers will gain full access to all fares and inventory from G2’s nine partner airlines without the risk of additional access fees charged by suppliers and GDSs.  Furthermore, BookingBuilder agents can make customer bookings with the G2 network and receive full ARC recognition.  Agents will also benefit from G2’s innovative technology that has automated any post-ticketing customer reservation changes to save time.

“G2 fits seamlessly with the BookingBuilder Desktop model, utilizing our Instant Fare Quote to give agents quick access to flight and fare information and G2Agent for completing bookings,” BookingBuilder President David Kunze, CTC said.  “Both companies share a common goal of providing value-added solutions to agencies that improve productivity and enable access to all fares.”

“G2 is pleased to enable BookingBuilder customers efficient access to G2’s capabilities,” said G2SwitchWorks Chief Operating Officer Dave Menzel.  “G2 offers a unique solution which provides agencies access to powerful search technology, an easy-to-use interface, and access to all fares with protection against debit memos and distribution access fees.”

Product integration is underway with launch expected in August, 2006.  G2’s partner airlines include: AirTran Airways, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Northwest Airlines, United Airlines and US Airways (and America West Airlines).