SAS invests in small business needs

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has invested six months in the research and development of the SAS Guide to Managing Business Travel. The guide has been written by independent industry experts and is designed to offer practical advice and support to SMEs on how best to structure business travel budgets in order to save time and money.

The SAS Guide to Managing Business Travel is free to download from

Corporate agreements and business travel packages have long been the domain of the large corporates, however with the rise of the small to medium enterprise (SME) market in the UKis set to change.

SAS is leading the way in the area of SME business travel by offering business travellers a wealth of complimentary products and services designed to allow them to tailor their travel needs around their business commitments.

“When we undertook this project we wanted to provide business travellers with a no nonsense set of tips and guidelines to enable companies, who probably do not have a travel management company, to make the most of their budgets in a hassle free productive way,” said Lars Ove-Filipson, SAS General Manager United Kingdom and Ireland.


The guide can be downloaded free from the SAS Travel Advisor website

The Travel Advisor is a unique consultation tool designed for today’s business traveller. The Travel Advisor allows businesses to find specific SAS travel products based on their individual needs. The SAS Travel Advisor is a fully interactive tool structured in an electronic tick box format which means that each individual’s key concerns are separately considered.

Written with the SME in mind, the SAS Guide to Managing Business Travel covers five core areas including travel management companies, air travel, accommodation, car rental and loyalty programmes. These sections are further supplemented by the top ten tips on how to best manage a travel budget and a list of useful websites providing direct links to crucial travel information. These include a site designed to assist companies when planning their onward journey once they leave the airport and a site which keeps travellers informed of any local hazards that may interfere with travel itineraries once you touch down.

Research for the guide was conducted amongst leaders in the SME field to gauge the practical problems facing travel bookers. The hugely successful Innocent Drinks and the Small Business Council both served to provide an insight into the mind set of today’s SME business traveller.

The SAS Guide to Managing Business Travel is indicative of SAS’ commitment to providing solutions for today’s business traveller’s needs.