Revitalised Cancun pushes tourism

Cancun has recently completed a successful, island-wide revitalisation program following the effects of Wilma.Cancun, Mexico, Open for Business, or Leisure; GOGO Worldwide Vacations Celebrates Annual Managers Conference in Newly Re-Opened Cancun, Mexico

The destination has now held its grand re-opening ceremony with award-winning tour operator, GOGO Worldwide Vacations, June 13 - 15.

Cancun re-opened its doors with an official ribbon cutting ceremony at the GOGO Managers Conference, which awarded both the top 70 performing producers of the tour operator, a worldwide leader in wholesale leisure travel, as well as the island’s revitalization efforts this year. Attendees of the three-day conference, organized by Collete Baruth, GOGO vice president of marketing for Mexico and Latin America, enjoyed Cancun’s well-known wealth of attractions and activities while learning of new property improvements, attraction renovations and further destination developments.

“Our longstanding relationship with Cancun benefits not only the destination but also our customers and the industry as a whole,” commented Michelle Kassner, owner and president of GOGO Worldwide Vacations.

“We were honored to host the event and that GOGO recognizes our efforts,” continued Artemio Santos, executive director of the Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau. “Their creative marketing support and innovative ingenuity continually meet the demands of the market. With the valuable cooperation and commitment of our tour operators along with our destination’s dedication to first-class hospitality and service, we foresee Cancun as being even stronger and more appealing for today’s travelers.”


Visitors to the popular Mexican-Caribbean island of Cancun will find many of the destination’s hotels, resorts and attractions sporting new facades, guest rooms, restaurants, beach areas and more. Having completed a $20.3 million beach recovery project in January 2006, which fully restored the 9 miles of beach area damaged by Wilma, Cancun is certainly looking better than ever, and visitation for this premier vacation hotspot continues to rise.

With more than sixty-two percent of Cancun’s 27,822 hotel rooms re-opened, the island continues to offer visitors an incredible array of accommodations and amenities. Along with major hotel renovations, Cancun has experienced a great deal of change since last year and with all the wonderful transformations, travelers have even more reason to visit and revisit Cancun.

“Cancun has made a successful and complete comeback as a top international leisure destination,” affirmed Kassner. “Travelers will not be disappointed when visiting the island this year.”