Holiday rentals site spots World Cup effect

The ‘World Cup Effect’ meant Germany has been the top performing
destination for holiday home rentals in the first half of 2006, according
to data from Enquiries per property increased dramatically
during the run-up to the competition and continued to be high throughout
June. Dubai was hot on Germany’s heels, with an average number of enquiries
per property double the site average and a dramatic 236% increase in the
number of properties since 2005.

Perennial Brit favourite, Tenerife remained popular too, with a healthy 20%
rise in the average number of enquiries per property per month compared to
2005, despite a 66% growth in the number of properties available to rent on
the site.

Renter interest in Italy went up 13.2%, backing up recent press reports
that the country is growing in popularity, particularly its cities, with
enquiries in both the Rome and Venice regions up around 25% on last year.
Other regions that performed particularly well were Sicily (up 30.9%),
Lombardy (up 28.5%), Campania (23.6%), Tuscany and Marche (both up 10.4%).

The final destination in the top five performing regions was the island of
Malta, showing its efforts to reduce dependence on tour operators and
attract more independent travellers are paying off. Despite an increase of
69% in the number of properties available to rent, the average number of
enquiries per property per month increased by 4% in the first quarter of
2006, compared to quarter one of 2005.

Ross McGowan, Sales Director, commented, “The
fact that Germany has been a top choice with renters is perhaps not
surprising, given the World Cup, however what is remarkable is the increase
in properties; 38% since last year. Thanks to the availability of
relatively cheap property, decreasing unemployment and growing interest
from tourists, canny investors are realising Germany could be the next hot
property market in Europe.”


He continued, “The number of properties in Dubai registered on has shot up by a staggering 236% in the last year,
clearly highlighting a phenomenal increase in the number of people buying
in this investment hot-spot. Plus, demand has continued to match supply on
the site too, indicating its popularity with tourists continues to grow,