Northwest joins Galilieo GDS

Galileo has announced a five-year, full content agreement with Northwest Airlines, the world’s fifth largest airline. Through the agreement, all of Northwest’s published fares and inventory will be available to all users of the Galileo GDS system including Galileo-connected travel agencies, corporate customers and all Travelport online agencies booking through Galileo.

The agreement establishes Galileo as a preferred distribution channel for Northwest Airlines ticket sales. In addition, Northwest and CheapTickets, a subsidiary of Travelport, also entered into a new strategic partnership in which CheapTickets and its affiliates will provide Northwest’s full range of product, services and inventory to their customers.

“This long-term agreement provides great value for Travelport and Galileo- connected agencies since Northwest is a key carrier for our customers,” said Kurt Ekert, senior vice president, Supplier Services for Travelport. “We are particularly pleased to come to an agreement with Northwest since it also establishes Galileo as the first GDS to secure full content from all network carriers in the U.S. Additionally, this agreement underscores our commitment to ensure all of our customers have what they need to fully meet their customers’ needs.”

“Northwest’s agreement with Galileo helps us meet our key business objectives of making our product as widely available to consumers as possible, while achieving competitive economics,” said Al Lenza, vice president of Distribution and E-commerce at Northwest Airlines. “We are pleased to have a cost-effective distribution platform for the long-term that allows us to serve our customers who purchase their Northwest travel through the Galileo GDS, while also lowering our distribution costs.”