Cape pilots opt for Teamsters

More than 100 pilots at Cape Air
voted to become Teamsters, joining together to fight for consistent work
rules and fair pay and benefits at the regional airline.This certainly was a satisfying victory,” said Capt. Bill Fields, Cape
Air pilot. “We look forward to working with my union brothers and sisters
to improve working at Cape Air.”
  Fifty-nine percent of eligible pilots voted for Teamster representation
in the election, conducted by the National Mediation Board.
  “It’s rewarding to finally achieve certification for our union,” said
Cape Air pilot Capt. Walter Kyle. “We look forward to securing consistent,
enforceable work rules, and fair wage rates and benefits.”
  Based in Hyannis, Mass., Cape Air operates southern New England, the
Caribbean and in Guam, Rota and Saipan.
  “The Teamsters look forward to representing Cape Air pilots,” said Don
Treichler, Teamsters Airline Division Director. “This victory is a direct
result of the Teamsters Union’s reputation of providing strong
representation for workers in the airline industry.”
  Treichler added that the union will soon initiate the process of
beginning contract negotiations.