CTO awards record number of grants

The CTO Foundation, the scholarship program of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), is this year granting a record amount in scholarships and grants. These assist Caribbean nationals pursue tourism/hospitality studies, as well as those seeking to gain proficiency in a second language.

The Foundation is awarding six scholarships and 10 study grants to the tune of
US$72,000, the largest amount of funding ever granted since the inception of the
scholarship program in 1998.

Scholarships ranging from US$6,000 to US$14,000—plus airline tickets on American
Airlines for those studying in the United States and the United Kingdom—were
granted to Amanda Charles of Dominica, Diana Maldonado of the Dominican Republic,
Nicole Johnson-Young of Jamaica, Faylene Scrubbs of St. Vincent & the Grenadines,
and Jala Bernard and Brent Smith of Trinidad and Tobago.

All six are studying at the Masters level in various tourism related disciplines:
Charles is pursuing an MSc in Tourism Administration at George Washington
University; Maldonado is completing her MSc in Hospitality Management at Florida
International University; Johnson-Young is at Oxford Brooks University for a degree
in Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Management; Scrubbs is attending the University
of Surrey for an MSc on Tourism Planning and Development; Bernard is doing her MSc
in Human Resource Management for the Tourism and Hospitality Industry at the
University of Strathclyde; and Smith is at the University of Surrey for an MSc in
Tourism Planning and Development.

The recipients of the study grants are pursuing different levels of certification in
tourism/hospitality and proficiency in a second language.


“These are all very deserving candidates whom we are confident will not only make
the Caribbean proud, but will make significant contributions to the sustainable
development of the region after completing their areas of study,” said Bonita
Morgan, the CTO’s director of human resources.

Ms. Morgan explained that the CTO Foundation would have liked to offer even more
scholarships because of the number of deserving candidates but sourcing the funding
remained a challenge.

She added that the CTO was exploring other scholarship opportunities that the region
can tap into, like the Florida Caribbean Scholarship Program and other such

“We have a large number of talented people out there whom we would like to grant
scholarships opportunities to but the funds are limited.  However, we are exploring
creative ways to stretch those funds and to secure other scholarship opportunities
for Caribbean nationals,” Ms. Morgan stated.

The CTO Foundation, set up in 1997, is registered in New York State as a
Not-for-Profit Corporation, formed exclusively for charitable and educational
purposes.  Its main aim is to provide scholarships and study grants to students and
industry personnel who are Caribbean nationals, from CTO-member countries, who wish
to pursue studies in the areas of tourism/hospitality and language training.  The
Foundation supports individuals who demonstrate high levels of academic achievement
and leadership potential and who express a strong interest in making a contribution
to Caribbean tourism. 

Since its inception, the CTO Foundation has provided 32 major scholarships and 74
study grants.  Major CTO Foundation sponsors include American Express, American
Airlines, Interval International, Universal Media, the CTO chapters worldwide and
numerous CTO allied members. 

Information on the CTO Scholarship Program and a list of scholarship and grant
recipients can be found at
The Caribbean Tourism Organization
The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), with headquarters in Barbados and
marketing operations in New York, London and Toronto, is the Caribbean’s tourism
development agency and comprises membership of over 30 governments and a myriad of
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The CTO’s mission is to provide to and through its members, the services and
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social benefit of the Caribbean people. 

The organization provides specialized support and technical assistance to member
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