Tourisme Montreal tenders website

This coming July 17, Tourisme Montréal will launch an invitation to tender for the redesign of its Web site, the budget for which the organization estimates at approximately $1.5 million. The offer will include the new Web site’s technological aspects (back end management users and tools and front end navigation) as well as its graphic components.

The new Web site is set to go on-line in September 2007.

Aside from the considerable technological and functional challenges that come with implementing this new site, it must also convey the Montréal “experience” to visitors through a design that not only reflects Tourisme Montréal’s brand image, but which showcases Montréal’s signature creativity.

Given the scope of the project, both technologically and graphically, as well as the new site’s design and state-of-the-art capabilities envisaged by the organization’s executive committee, interested candidates are strongly advised to create a consortium in order to better meet Tourisme Montréal’s needs.

Information technology companies interested in taking on this challenge are invited to submit their proposal before 2 p.m. on August 11, 2006. The selection process will be divided into two phases.


During Phase 1, candidates must respond to a number of operational questions regarding their professional experience.

Candidates who pass this first phase will be invited by Tourisme Montréal’s jury to submit a complete dossier (Phase 2) in which they propose technological solutions as well as a preliminary model which demonstrates the user experience (preliminary scenario).

Candidate companies selected during Phase 1 will be asked to submit complete calls for tender by invitation only.

Submissions must meet the outlined admissibility criteria, which includes having a Montréal-based office and depositing a tender guarantee of the sum of $50,000 by certified cheque or $100,000 by letter of indemnity.

Interested bidding companies have until 4 p.m. on Friday, July 21, to submit their proposals by e-mail to the attention of Marie Gilmore, Vice President, Finance, Administration and Human Resources.

The e-mail should also include the company’s complete business name as well as a confirmation that it is able to deposit the above-mentioned guarantee.

The redesign of Tourisme Montréal’s Web site falls within its 2005-2010 strategic plan as well as its three-year information technology plan. By equipping itself with more efficient management tools (including CRM document management and business content management) and ensuring their successful integration, Tourisme Montréal will solidify its position as a leading international destination among both its tourism and business clientele.