Runway closure impacts BIA figures

Birmingham International Airport handled 891,087 passengers during June, a decrease of 7.2% on the same period last year.This decline was partly related to the runway closure on the 15th June following the TNT Freighter emergency landing, but also affected by the impact of the World Cup changing passengers travel and holiday plans.

As compared to a year ago, there has also been a reduction in dedicated MyTravelLite services that are still in the process of being replaced by other airlines.

Growth was experienced on services to the Indian sub-continent which rose by 9.3% and non-EU routes which grew by 10.2%.

Scheduled routes that experienced growth include, Gothenburg (+76.6%), Malta (+54.7%), Nice (+52.7%), Zurich (+47.9%), Bordeaux (+34%), Inverness (+28.4%), Toronto (+15.8%), Madrid (+15.4%), Copenhagen (+9.5%), Amsterdam (+9.4%), Frankfurt (+9.4%), Billund (+9.1%), Dusseldorf (+8.6%), Munich (+7.6%) and Barcelona (+5.9%).

Charter traffic which experienced growth include, Croatia(+154.4%), Germany(+84.7%), Bulgaria(+70.1%), Egypt(+26.8%), Italy(+7.3%) and United States of America(+7.9%).


Scheduled traffic accounted for 64.3% of the total passenger traffic in June whilst charter passengers made up the remaining 35.7%.