CAPA summit offers toolkit for success

The aviation industry has reached critical
point in its cycle following the peak fleet orders of 2005, according to
the Centre
for Asia Pacific Aviation.“While growth remains robust and the environment relatively benign this
year, the
clouds could be gathering”, warns the Centre’s Executive Chairman, Peter
The prospects for the year ahead will be a central theme of the region’s
high level
aviation strategy Summit, Outlook 2007, which will return to Singapore,
on 9/10
November 2006.

“The Aviation Outlook 2007 Summit will review the threats posed by
sustained high
fuel prices, higher interest rates and the potential for overcapacity in
markets, which could drag fares and yields lower. High calibre speakers
will also
address the challenges of restructuring in the new cycle, as well as
and alliances trends and the outlook for liberalisation in this region -
it will be
a typically very exciting and topical CAPA programme”, said Mr Harbison.

High level speakers at past Outlook Summits include Geoff Dixon (CEO,
Qantas), Chew
Choon Seng (CEO, Singapore Airlines), V Thulasidas (Chairman and
Managing Director,
Air-India), Wolfgang Prock-Schauer (CEO, Jet Airways), Tony Fernandes,
AirAsia), Dr Vijay Mallya (Chairman, Kingfisher Airlines), Tony Davis
(CEO, Tiger
Airways) and many others.

Mr Harbison says that this year’s programme will to deliver a toolkit
for success as
we enter a new cycle, with presentations from the industry’s CEOs. “As
Outlook 2007 will be the highlight of the region’s conference calendar”,
he added.

Outlook 2007 programme sessions include:


Globalisation and the role of aviation
Airline profitability at the peak of the cycle
The Big Picture Issues for 2007
Airline strategy in the new cycle: CEO Panel
2007’s BIG 3 operational issues: Aviation access, fuel and labour
Aviation Legends Address: Are we headed for a capacity-led recession?
Consolidation and alliances in the new cycle
Airport strategy in the new cycle: CEO Panel
Growth markets and LCCs strategy in the new cycle
Closing CEOs Panel: The Outlook for 2007
The prestigious CAPA Aviation Awards for Excellence will be presented at
a Gala
Ceremony in the evening of Day 1 of the Outlook 2007 programme.