Galileo signs exclusive deal with SpiceJet

Galileo International has signed of an agreement with SpiceJet Airlines, India’s fastest growing low cost airline, to provide SpiceJet’s low fares and inventory exclusively on the Galileo GDS platform.The announcement, following the regional trend-setting agreement earlier this year with Malaysian-based low cost carrier AirAsia, underscores Galileo’s capability to create the unique distribution solutions demanded by this growing airline sector.

All SpiceJet fares, including 49 daily flights and periodic promotional fares, will be distributed via Galileo Flight Integrator, a product introduced by Galileo exclusively for low cost airlines to give them access to an extensive network of travel agents from across Asia and the world.

Galileo Flight Integrator brings this important low fare content to the desk top of Galileo-connected travel agents, giving them an exclusive opportunity to increase revenue by enabling them to give their customers greater choice and flexibility.

“We are particularly excited about this unique relationship, because SpiceJet is widely acknowledged as one of the most promising low cost carriers in India. Spicejet’s decision to make its fares available to travel agents via our GDS is testament to the value that we provide to airlines and travel agents alike,” said Mr. Brad Holman, Travelport Airline Services Managing Director.

“Travelport’s airline services group continues to demonstrate the ability to enhance functionality and distribution capabilities for our airline partners, while ensuring that Galileo-connected travel agents have access to the broadest range of content,”
According to Holman, this development is of equal importance to the agreement signed between Galileo and Air Asia earlier this year, since it will have far reaching implications for Galileo’s broader success in the South Asia region. 


Mr. Siddhanta Sharma, CEO SpiceJet said, “We are pleased to join hands with Galileo to further strengthen our distribution channels in India and extend our content to other markets which have an appetite for our low fares. This strategic move puts us in front of thousands of travel agents throughout the world, and allows us to continue with our focus on developing cost effective distribution channels and optimizing our seat utilization.”

“We are confident that Galileo Flight Integrator will become the tool of choice for Galileo agents to book low cost carrier flights, especially since it now adds SpiceJet’s flights to exclusive Air Asia content, including their newly announced Malaysia domestic routes” concluded Holman.

SpiceJet joins over 50 other Low Cost Carriers around the world that are using the Galileo GDS as a distribution channel.