Kayak ads satirise war, Bush and Paris Hilton

Kayak.com is using provocative and unconventional humor to
launch its first-ever offline advertising campaign.The Trip Ideas
campaign, created by New York-based The Brooklyn Brothers, features travel
destinations set against current events to engage the traveler and cut
through the clutter of traditional travel advertising. Ads were produced
with the adventurous and independent traveler in mind, a trademark of
Kayak.com users who enjoy the site’s playful tone. The $10 million campaign
will debut on Monday, July 10, on cable television’s top news, lifestyle
and entertainment channels.
  “From the beginning, Kayak.com eschewed the staid tone of other travel
sites and opted for humor and irreverence to communicate our brand and we
wanted to strike the same tone with our advertising,” said Dean Harris,
chief marketing officer of Kayak.com. “This campaign is fun and will break
through the clutter of travel ads. We also see these ads having viral
potential and hope consumers will be so entertained that they will visit
Kayak.com to view all our ads and then forward favorites to friends.”
  The Brooklyn Brothers created 13 initial spots which highlight both
domestic and international destinations in an animated format. The campaign
celebrates the unique characteristics that keep each destination among the
top searched on Kayak.com. The Trip Ideas campaign will launch initially
offline with online elements following later this summer. All ads will be
available to the public on Kayak.com.
  Each ad in the Trip Ideas campaign is content rich and incorporates wit
and unexpected elements so viewers will notice something new each time and
look forward to seeing the ads repeated. For example, Trip Idea # 101
invites viewers to “Visit LA, where the pools are deeper than some of the
people.” Socialites resembling Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson parade
through the streets of Los Angeles smiling on the red carpet while the
punch line features a voluptuous Pamela Anderson look-a-like floating above
a pool thanks to her air-worthy implants. In addition, Trip Idea #39
recommends viewers “Plan a safe hunting trip.” A group of birds flying over
a forest are shot down by a caricature of Vice President Dick Cheney who,
wearing a Rambo bandana, brashly winks and closes his eyes before pulling
the trigger.
  Harris noted that the company is the first Web 2.0 site to launch an
integrated media campaign. “Kayak.com is gaining recognition from travel
experts and early adopters as a top travel Web site and we thought it was
time to use TV to introduce the site to mainstream consumers. In my
experience, TV is still the most efficient way to launch a brand into a
household name,” he said.
  As part of the campaign launch, Kayak.com debuted a new tag line,
“Life’s A Trip” as well as signature copy, “There are a million reasons to
travel. There’s one site to search before you go.”
  “Most agency creatives try to push their clients to produce the most
outrageous work they can, then settle for a compromise,” said Guy Barnett,
Creative Director, The Brooklyn Brothers. “In this case, Kayak.com often
came up with more provocative concepts than we did. By targeting the
conventional, in all its shades, we hope to demonstrate our support for the
independently-minded traveler. The Kayak ads are as adventurous as the
Kayak.com users.”