SECURE-RES inks Webloyalty deal

SECURE-RES has signed an agreement with Webloyalty, to help increase its clients’ revenues, generate repeat transactions and provide savings and other benefits to its clients’ customers. Top e-commerce companies choose Webloyalty to add value for their merchant partners and customers. The program also increases revenues and encourages repeat reservations. “We have chosen Webloyalty over other web-based loyalty programs due to its emphasis on customer service, unique value proposition and array of products in their portfolio,” said Joe Hyman, President and CEO of SECURE-RES. “At SECURE-RES, we’re always looking for innovative products and services to help our clients improve Web site sales performance and enhance their customer’s experiences. We believe that we have accomplished this by partnering with Webloyalty.”

Rick Fernandes, CEO and founding partner of Webloyalty said, “We are very pleased SECURE-RES has chosen Webloyalty as an e-commerce enhancement to its reservation services. It’s obvious they are adding significant value for their clients as this program would not be available to their hotel properties on an individual basis. We look forward to a long and successful marketing alliance with SECURE-RES and their individual hotel properties.”