Press: Ryanair may face EU probe

Ryanair could face an EU probe into claims that it misstated taxes and airport passenger fees on its European routes, the Daily Telegraph reported. The low-cost carrier has been accused of inflating charges added to ticket prices for flights from airports including Dublin, Treviso, Charleroi, Rome, Pisa and Alghero, a practice which the newspaper said may breach EU law.

Eva Lichtenberger, an Austrian MEP on the European parliament’s transport committee, said she is to call for an inquiry by the European Commission following the allegations of mislabelling made by the German television programme PlusMinus.

At Dublin airport, Ryanair imposes a ‘passenger service charge’ of 15.40 eur. The Dublin authorities said its charges, such as runway, parking and airbridge fees, do not add up to 15.40.

‘This is clear mislabelling. Ryanair is putting profit in its charges,’ the Telegraph quoted an Irish official as saying.

Ryanair denied any misrepresentation of its charges, insisting all fees accurately reflected costs imposed at Europe’s airports.


But it admitted some charges described as taxes were in reality service fees. ‘Many charges at airports are referred to as taxes because their level has been set by governments even though they do not represent revenue which goes directly to the government,’ the newspaper quoted the airline as saying.