BookingBuddy lists US hotspots, is announcing the 10 most popular summer destinations in
the Southeastern United States. Based on travel searches conducted on the
popular travel search site, the list represents cities popular for both
family vacations and the spring break crowd alike and notes a resurgence in
travel to areas hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina.
  “As the summer travel season heats up, people are starting to search
for places to take their families, to visit relatives across the country
and various destinations they are interested in traveling to,” said Krista
Pappas, senior vice president of Smarter Living, Inc., parent company of
BookingBuddy. “The Southeast is always a popular area because of its
beautiful beaches, tourist attractions, friendly people and great food.
Although it is hot in the summer, people looking for a relaxing vacation
can definitely find a location to suit their needs in the Southeast.”

  The top destinations for the Southeastern U.S. are:

  —  Orlando, Florida

  —  Atlanta, Georgia

  —  Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  —  Miami, Florida

  —  Raleigh, North Carolina

  —  Charlotte, North Carolina

  —  Tampa, Florida

  —  Nashville, Tennessee

  —  Savannah, Georgia

  —  New Orleans, Louisiana

    “As a travel search site showcasing more than 130 different travel
brands in one place, we have the unique ability to understand where people
are planning to travel,” continued Pappas. “Because we assist travelers
with the search process, making it easy to explore all the travel options,
we can really identify with where people want to go, giving us a better
estimation of the top destinations across the globe.”