Airlines change routes due to Korean missiles

ANA, has changed its air routes over the Sea of Japan in connection with a series of missile launchings made by North Korea, according to the ITAR TASS news agency. At least three flights that departed from Tokyo international airport Narita heading for Europe on Wednesday moved northwards so as to get out of a possible zone of the missile launch. Similar measures were taken on Thursday as well. The JAL airlines followed suit.

The Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has stated no damage to the air and sea transport of Japan as a result of the North Korea missile launch. The ministry has created a special center for coordination and control over the situation and warned all the transportation companies of Japan to be on guard.

On Wednesday, North Korea made seven missile launchings, presumably including a two-stage long-range ballistic missile Taepodon-2. All the missiles fell into the Sea of Japan.