Low-cost UK airline starts Hong Kong flights

New airline, Oasis Hong Kong Airlines, is set to transform the long-haul travel industry by mixing low-fares with personalised options and high-quality service. Travellers are set to pay lower than prices offered by competitor airlines and tickets will go on sale in the near future with flights starting from £75+ tax (one way).

From October 2006 Oasis Hong Kong Airlines will commence its first route from London Gatwick to Hong Kong, flying 5 times per week with further routes to be announced in coming months.

The low-cost airline sector is continuing to grow, with recent research suggesting passenger traffic on low-fare flights will increase by at least 30% per annum over the next two years*.

However, increasing competition amongst no-frills budget airlines flying within Europe indicates a gap in the UK market for low-fare, long-distance travel.

The Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Boeing 747-400 planes will offer 81 luxury business class seats and 278 spacious economy seats. A range of personalised options will enable passengers to purchase inexpensive ‘add-ons’ such as advance seat reservation, lounge passes or upgrading to gourmet menus - meaning passengers only pay for what they choose.


Steve Miller, Chief Executive Officer of Oasis Hong Kong Airlines, comments:

‘We are pleased to announce the first ever low-fare, high-quality long-haul flights from London to the Far East and we look forward to launching flights to more destinations in the future. Business travellers as well as consumers are increasingly price conscious and I believe we have an individual business proposition that not only delivers on price, but offers passengers a flexible and high quality service - a term not often associated with low-fare travel. Our innovative offering looks set the change the future of long-haul travel to and from Asia.’