TAM boosts domestic, international flights

TAM. Brazil’s largest airline company, will start to operate new domestic flights, as of July 17, 2006 and new international flights as of July 10, 2006. In the domestic market, the flights will connect the Guarulhos International Airport in Sao Paulo to the cities of Maceio, Manaus, Porto Velho, Brasilia and Goiania. With this, TAM makes the traffic of passengers among these cities easier and increases the offering of seats in such routes.

One of the new flights will be the daily and direct one connecting the Guarulhos Airport (Sao Paulo) to Maceio (Alagoas). This route will be operated on a non-stop basis, allowing passengers to reach their destination more rapidly.

Another domestic route will connect Sao Paulo to Manaus (Amazonas) and Porto Velho (Rondonia). This route will have daily flights and will be operated by the Airbus A320.

Between the cities of Sao Paulo and Brasilia, a daily frequency will be extended to the city of Goiania (Goias). This change will allow passengers coming from Goiania to travel to the Guarulhos International Airport without connections.

Also on July 17, 2006, TAM will start to operate new flights to the city of Boa Vista (Roraima). These flights, operated by the Airbus A320, will connect Boa Vista to the cities of Manaus, Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro.


With these new routes, the Company offers more efficiency to its customers traveling abroad, facilitating their transit to the international airports of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Manaus.

In the international market, as of July 10, TAM Mercosur, TAM’s subsidiary headquartered in Assuncion (Paraguay), will start to operate two new daily international flights connecting the Galeao airport, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, to the cities of Assuncion and Buenos Aires. The expansion of the Company’s network comes to meet the demand of passengers for these routes.

The flight, that will connect the Galeao International Airport to the Ezeiza International Airport, in Buenos Aires (Argentina), will be non-stop.

One of the flights operated by TAM Mercosur between Assuncion and Sao Paulo will be extended to Rio de Janeiro.