Verve Venues offer free wireless

Verve Venues is launching Wi-Fi throughout all its 29 properties. 
Verve Venues is working with RIEO Communications Ltd to install both wired and non-wired high speed access across all of it’s 29 training and conferencing venues which will be free to all delegates and visitors.

Tony Dangerfield, chief operating officer at Verve Venues said: “We are investing in some of the most comprehensive technology currently available in the UK and installing it in our sites - unlike the majority of hotels and training venues, with Verve this service will be free, quick and reliable.”

Mark Teasdale, managing director at RIEO, added: “Trainers and delegates will be getting exactly the same support from our team, regardless of the fact that they will not be paying for the Internet connection. Typically with free offerings, there is no telephone or on-site back up - that will not be the case. We have a dedicated team in place offering 24/7 telephone support for any delegate experiencing a less than perfect connection.”

Guests who visit Verve Venues often travel with different types of hardware, possess varying degrees of technical understanding and occasionally there can be language barriers. With the new technology, Verve Venues has ensured that they have a trouble-free connection, with instant back up at any time.

Verve Venues and RIEO have carefully planned out every venue to ensure access ports have been properly deployed. A selection of both wired and non-wired connections will be available in bedrooms, meeting rooms, and leisure areas, ensuring that an un-interrupted signal is received throughout the entirety of every site.


Six sites, including venues in London, Hertfordshire and Berkshire have been completed to date and the remainder of the portfolio will be completed by the end of July.

“Nowadays, work doesn’t stop when you’re not at your desk and it is often crucial that you can continue working and communicating when you’re away from the office. It’s our job to make sure that people can continue with their daily lives, as easily as possible, whether they are on a training course or taking a leisure break at one of our venues”, concluded Tony Dangerfield.

Verve Venues is continuing to carry out extensive refurbishments of its existing portfolio, moving its accommodation based product from a typical 3 star to a 4 star offering, focussing on bedrooms, reception areas, meeting rooms and training areas.