Quick Cruise booking engine launches

Holiday I.T. is launching a new booking engine, ‘Quick Cruise,’ that enables profitable and efficient processing of cruise bookings.

The key to the system’s success is the Quotation Builder and the Package Builder. Quotation Builder enables agents to build an individual cruise quotation by selecting a range of products. Agents can select the cabin, flight, hotel and car hire elements of the booking separately and create a tailored package from a range of fare bases; including net, commissionable and non-commissionable elements. The system then calculates commission across a range of currencies enabling agents to select the most competitive price and ensure their profit margins are not eroded.

The Package Builder can be pre-built for selection facilitating faster user entry in the Quotation Builder and ensuring agents can maximise profits with preferred partners where appropriate. Any discrepancies between the original package price and the individual quotation can be adjusted accordingly. Ensuring the more profitable of the two will be sold.

In addition, Quick Cruise has a seamless booking transition saving agents valuable time between the quotation and booking as past quotations can be saved in the system and are automatically checked before the booking proceeds.  Agents can set reminders to complete the booking process such as following up on quotations, chasing passport details and ensuring tickets have been received. There is a facility to create client profiles and save past bookings that can be integrated with new bookings.  The accounting system is integrated as is the reporting and supplier’s terms and conditions, which back up the accounting end of the system. Finally all the client details can be easily accessed for marketing purposes. 

The first retailer to use the system is Anthony Blackmore, Managing Director of Cruise365.com, he said: “We chose to work with Holiday IT in a three way pitch as it became clear to us that the company could offer us a bespoke solution. In the past our technology choices have been restricted by existing systems that we had to work around, rather than providing systems that worked around us. Quick Cruise has provided us with something that is future proof and works under the new regime of travel. The system is user friendly for all the end users in our business, from reservations to accounting and management to marketing in a fast and efficient way. The right technology is crucial to the success of a business and Holiday I.T. delivered an effective solution on time and on budget.”


Holiday I.T. prides itself on offering bespoke solutions for the travel industry Alan Crampton, Director of Holiday I.T., commented: “We are delighted with the initial success of Quick Cruise, the system is very versatile and we can tailor it to suit individual agent requirements. The cruise industry is going through some big changes at the moment, not all elements offer strong commission by breaking down the booking elements in this way we can maximise agent profits.”