The Sanctuary unveils new signature range

The Sanctuary is launching The Sanctuary Signature Range which is based upon spa rituals from around the world, designed to evoke real body and mind benefits.Taking inspiration from Japan, Hawaii, Egypt and Indonesia, each signature range will be introduced within new signature treatments at The Sanctuary Spa. From the revitalising Japanese Sento bathing ceremony to the relaxing Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, four new distinctive and exquisite fragrances enhance each mood.

The announcement of the new range is been described by the The Sanctuary as its “most exclusive launch to date”.


The ancient Egyptians burned incense daily as part of their sacred rituals. Kyphi was the most revered of all due to its rich multi-layered bouquet with a warm, relaxing, sweet and spicy aroma.

The Sanctuary’s Signature Kyphi range of five deeply nourishing and softening products condition the entire body, helping you to recreate this luxuriously fragrant and ultra-moisturising Egyptian experience at home.

In accordance with the Egyptian theme, ingredients such as Argan oil, a nourishing skin food with anti ageing properties, and Lotus oil, which enhances healing, have been combined with Honey, Beeswax, Shea Butter and Date Seed Powder, with its nutritive and healing components to create a truly indulgent and nourishing skin treat.



Where there is softness there is no tension.  Based upon this theory, the Hawaiians developed a form of massage called Lomi Lomi ‘Loving Hands’ - to release and redirect the flow of energy in the body.

The Sanctuary’s Signature Lomi Lomi range aims to relax and restore inner peace and harmony by recreating the deeply calming benefits of the traditional treatment.  Hawaiian Kukui nut oil is moisturising and anti-aging while Tahitian Monoi Oil and coconut oil also help to soften and improve the skin texture.  The superb Lomi Lomi Spreadable Scrub contains Bora Bora Sand and Macadamia Nut particles to exfoliate as the wonderful lotion simply melts into the skin.  Unlock a sense of the South Pacific in your bathroom with this wonderful combination of exotic ingredients and floral aromas.


The Japanese tradition of the Sento baths is so strong that it continues relatively unchanged today. Their purpose was centred on feelings of cleanliness and purification with the aim of unblocking the flow of energy in the body invigorating and detoxifying you from the inside out.

The Sanctuary’s Signature Sento range was designed to continue this feeling of freshness and invigoration, to energise and stimulate using authentic and unusual Japanese ingredients. Wasabi extract, with its antioxidant properties, skin softening rice proteins and Sake, which instantly tones, soothes and moisturises, are combined with the more traditional ingredients including detoxifying Seaweed Extract and Bamboo, a great natural exfoliator.  A refreshing blend of Citrus Oils invigorate and stimulate the mind and body.


Indonesian princesses were historically given this rite of passage ritual as part of their wedding preparation. Its basis was to evoke a sense of sensuality and to beautify - to feel as glorious as possible on such a wonderful occasion.

The Mande Lular range includes three products to reflect the three steps of this ‘Royal Ritual’.  Ingredients such as honey, aloe vera, coconut cream, horse chestnut for skin toning, turmeric extract for its anti-oxidant and skin smoothing properties and arnica, are used to create the main products, but so luxurious is this treatment, The Sanctuary has added two Limited Edition products to the line up.

The Limited Edition Shimmer Body Souffl√© is a lusciously rich shimmering cream, in a glass jar, that leaves your skin iridescent and softly gleaming as it nourishes.  The Limited Edition Shimmer Bath Soak is rich and indulgent, glistening with gold and wonderfully perfumed. 

For these special items, a magnificent new fragrance was created in celebration of their opulence, and the sparkling formulas only enhance the magical feelings they evoke. With Ylang Ylang extract, known to calm and ease tension, and Jasmine extract, considered an aphrodisiac, these two lavish products encompass all that is unique and exceptional about the Mande Lular range.