Travel Hot Link in email drive

Invicta Group is signing a Strategic Alliance Agreement with ZDirect.

The Strategic Alliance will enhance subsidiary Travel Hot Link’s ability to create a stronger relationship with its Opt-in Email database and generate customer loyalty by providing a targeted electronic marketing platform.

David Scott, COO, states: “We are excited to sign a Strategic Alliance with ZDirect; they will assist us to interact with our database of travelers online. The objective is to increase purchases of our travel supplier’s products and create a stronger business relationship with our clients. The ultimate goal is to increase revenues and brand the Travel Hot Link website.”

ZDirect CEO, Hayes Thomas, states “ZMail’s patent pending technology will allow THL to build a strong relationship with each one of it’s opt-in recipients, therefore, truly helping THL to send the right message to the right person at the right time!”

Invicta continues to negotiate Strategic Alliances with additional companies that will help Travel Hot Link generate revenues.