DeciZium launches personal tour operator

deciZium is launching a decision support system for fully-customized
trip planning (smart dynamic packaging) which was developed within the
framework of their highlight project “Your Tour”. This computer system could
be seen as a “personal tour operator”. Thanks to an advanced multi-criteria
mathematical algorithm, it makes it possible to automatically create
fully-customized trips, in a simple, quick and interactive way, in
accordance with the tourist’s preferences, wishes and constraints. In just a
few seconds, this unique technology generates a travel programme, which
mentions chronologically the attractions to visit, the hotels where to spend
the night, etc.

This decision support system is marketed to the tourist industry
professionals (hotel chains, tour operators, tourist boards, etc.). With
this system they will be able to easily and rapidly propose to their
customers fully-customized travel packages (transportation, accommodation
and attractions), or let the tourists organize their own trips directly,
through the Internet for example, using a user-friendly interface.

The “Your Tour” project follows a long scientific research carried out,
during four years, in the Mathematics & Operations Research Department of
Mons Polytechnic Faculty (FPMs), with the financial support of the Walloon
Region (“First Spin-Off” programme). DeciZium enjoys an exclusive and
worldwide licence to market the results of this scientific project.