continues wireless drive is extending its service to enable exhibitions and conferences to provide
FREE Wi-Fi to their exhibitors and visitors, at no charge to the venue
owners or end users.

In the first example of this new programme, has teamed up
with The British Hospitality Association and Hospitality Live! to offer FREE
Wi-Fi to the attendees of the annual BHA luncheon event on July 4th, 2006.
Free Internet access will thus be made available to a catchment audience of
some of the industry’s leading figures across the Hospitality, Tourism and
Leisure industry. With more than seven hundred hoteliers, restaurateurs and
contract catering operators expected to attend on the day, this prestigious
event will be an excellent opportunity for the industry’s movers and shakers
to learn how FREE Wi-Fi can help them increase customer traffic and generate
company revenue.

“With more and more people turning to a FREE Wi-Fi solution, is the first company to provide such a service to
exhibitions and conferences across Europe. We are delighted to kick off this
new programme by joining forces with The British Hospitality Association and
Hospitality Live! - one that clearly reflects our pan-European goal to bring
free Wi-Fi to caf├ęs, hotels, pubs and restaurants,” said Joe Brunoli, Vice
President, HotSpot Market Development for

John Brown, Director of Hospitality Live!, said it was an easy decision to
provide the service. “The availability of free wireless
Internet access is becoming more and more a standard amenity in hospitality
circles,” he explained. “We are obviously very pleased that BHA members and
all attendees will enjoy this same convenience at Hospitality LIVE!”