Marriott offers airport check-in

Marriott has begun rolling out dedicated lobby computer stations with printers so guests can check in to their airline flights and print out their boarding passes before they leave for the airport. The new service will be available at all Marriott Hotels & Resorts and Renaissance Hotels & Resorts in the United States and Canada. Installation has been completed at 32 hotels already and will be available at nearly 150 more within the next two weeks.

The company is targeting September for the new check-in service to be offered at every U.S. and Canadian hotel, more than 400 in total.

The conveniently located lobby computer stations will serve one purpose—for guests to check-in to their flights and print their boarding passes quickly. This will give guests some peace of mind by reducing their concerns about possible traffic congestion to the airport or long airline check-in lines that might delay their departure.

The process is simple. When guests use the computer stations, they will be able to click on icons of the major airlines appearing on the screen, and then be taken to the airlines’ websites to complete the check-in process and the printing of their boarding passes. The dedicated computer stations cannot be used for Internet browsing or checking email. Those services remain available at the hotel business center, with Wi-Fi Internet access in public spaces or in-room high-speed Internet access. This new self-service amenity is complimentary to all guests.