Pilot information web portal launches

Lockheed Martin is launching a new AFSS Pilot Information Web Portal, http://www.afss.com for General Aviation pilots that provides a feedback mechanism for pilots who use Automated Flight Service Station services. The site also includes contact information for each area serviced by the Automated Flight Service Stations system, updates to the system, general aviation information and other features useful to fliers.

The new information portal will serve on an interim basis until the spring of 2007, when the company’s new FS-21 system will be deployed. The FS-21 computer and communications system is completely Web-based and will significantly improve the way pilots access vital flight information. That portal will ultimately serve as the entry point for pilots using the Lockheed Martin FS-21 Flight planning tools.

Lockheed Martin elected to launch the interim Pilot Information Portal in order to secure comments from fliers who use the present AFSS system.

“We want pilots to log on to the site frequently and tell us how we’re doing,” said Dan Courain, vice president for Flight Services at Lockheed Martin Information Technology. “We are happy to provide this service to the flying public, and feedback from our users is critical as we strive to maintain excellent service on a continuing basis.”

Pilots may also easily find contact numbers and information for all AFSS service areas throughout the country on the website.


The FS-21 portal to be introduced next year will vastly improve the process for flight planning and obtaining en route information service. In addition to including a feedback mechanism and information on flight services and procedures, the new site will allow pilots to file flight plans on-line. It will also give specific information on preflight briefing procedures, in- flight radio communications, and updated weather alerts. A Notice to Airmen (NOTAMS) section also provides pilots with essential flight operation information that could not be publicized sufficiently in advance by any other means.

Lockheed Martin Information Technology assumed operation of all Flight Service Stations in October of 2005 after being awarded a $1.7 billion outsourcing contract by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Drastically improving the speed of information transfer to pilots, Lockheed Martin will serve the flying community with a revitalized system consisting of three new hubs and 17 refurbished Automated Flight Service Stations.