EgyptAir steps up loyalty program

EgyptAir is signing an agreement with HITIT Computer Services to use the CRANE Frequent Flyer System to enhance their Loyalty Program as the airline prepares for joining an alliance.

The software enables the airline to improve customer service and create a solid foundation for its EgyptAir Loyalty Program.

CRANE FF System developed by HITIT was selected from a number of software systems because of the versatility and user friendliness of the system along with HITIT’s continued support for the application.

With the combination of a diverse range of technical skills and expertise in the airline industry, committed and highly skilled staff, steady financial structure and increasing customer base, HITIT has taken the first step in becoming a leader in the market for Loyalty/FF Systems.

“This is a long term partnership and we are delighted to welcome EgyptAir to the HITIT Frequent Flyer family,” stated Nur Gokman , Partner and General Manager of HITIT Computer Services. “Our presence in the Middle East region will be strengthened with EgyptAir’s addition. We thank EgyptAir for giving us the opportunity to work together in this exciting project.”


EgyptAir Vice President/IT, Sayed Ayoub said, “Such projects & long term partnerships are to inevitably transform EgyptAir into a leading airline - both regionally and globally.”

EgyptAir has begun a new era. Since the restructuring of EgyptAir network in summer 2004, EgyptAir has launched several revolutionary crucial projects of modernization and improvements. This revolutionary phase aims to achieve strategic objectives such as joining a global airline alliance and most importantly emphasizing on EgyptAir as a customer oriented Airline Company.

EgyptAir’s spirit is indeed driven in its ongoing quest for advancement mirroring the ongoing industry revolutions and in proportion to the customers unforeseen future demands.

Consequently, as part of EgyptAir’s strategic plan of modernization, it has selected HITIT as the provider of Loyalty (Frequent Flyer / CRM) solution. It is important to note that such selection is integrated within the company’s commercial sector IT plan to adopt state of the art technology as evident in many other cases; the Amadeus deal being the most recent.