Pod SnapShots target tennis fans

Expodition is launching a free
Wimbledon Pod SnapShot enabling iPod users to have a wealth of
statistics and information about the championships and the players at
their fingertips.
The 2006 Wimbledon Pod SnapShot can be downloaded and stored on an iPod.
It lists all players and wildcards, and contains detailed player
profiles and statistics as well as seeding information. In addition, the
Pod SnapShot includes profiles of legendary players and details classic
Wimbledon championships.

Lastly, Frequently Asked Questions, (FAQs), about the championships are
listed together with all winners of previous championships going back as
far as 1877.

Rod Cambridge, founder of Expodition, comments: “Expodition is pleased
to be making this free download available for all visitors to our web
site. With the 2006 Wimbledon Pod SnapShot, tennis fans planning on
visiting Wimbledon can now go with an iPod fully loaded with all the
statistics and information about Wimbledon that they’ll ever need -
great for getting clued up while watching play, travelling there or
queuing to get in. Even tennis fans who don’t plan on visiting
Wimbledon, but who have an interested in the championships, will find
this Pod SnapShot compelling”.

Visitors planning on travelling to London during the championships can
also download a tailor-made Pod SnapShot (PSS) from the web site
covering the area they’ll be visiting. This PSS can also be stored on
their iPod so that they gain first-hand knowledge of the area they’ll be
staying in even before they get there.

A typical PSS offers details of the local area based on postcode -
including nearby museums, night clubs, pubs, wine bars, theatres,
cinemas, transport links, local taxis & mini cabs, hotels, banks, ATM
machines, bureaux de change, eating and drinking establishments and
general tourist information.


Pod SnapShots work with all iPods that use the Notes feature. This
includes iPod mini, nano, photo, video and 3rd generation iPods. iPod
Shuffle and older iPods that do not use Notes are not supported.