Amigo Travel Card launches

Amigo Travel Services is launching the Amigo Card on 10th July 2006. The card includes travel assistance, airport lounge access, global lost luggage tracking and discounts on airport parking, car rentals and worldwide attractions for an annual fee of just £125.

There is also a built-in ‘Amigo Assistant’ service based in the UK that will take care of everything from finding a perfect gift for family and friends at home, to helping arrange holidays, events and weddings abroad. The assistance service makes it easier to buy products and services that may otherwise have been too complex to organise or taken too long to find.

Robert Mason founded Amigo Travel Services this year after spending two and a half years working for market leaders in the travel industry. His idea was to offer exclusive benefits to a mass market membership, accounting for different traveller needs at a time when independent travel has overtaken the popular package holiday.

Mr Mason says “The card is a great travel friend; it helps take the stress out of planning special occasions, waiting for a flight or trying to find lost luggage.”

The Amigo Card also brings to the attention of its members travel-related issues such as climate change through its cooperation with Climate Care. This is a service that enables travellers to pay and offset their flying or household CO2 emissions through funding sustainable energy and deforestation projects.


The card is currently only available for UK travellers.