CoPilot Live launches in Europe

CoPilot Live mobile phone satellite navigation is launching to help traveller to find their way around EuropeCoPilot Live turns a Pocket PC or Smartphone into an affordable and portable in-car sat nav system, providing voice guidance for drivers to travel freely across borders to reach destinations throughout the UK, Europe or the USA.

Travelling around Europe’s roads network can be quite daunting. Ordinary maps simply don’t show enough detail, like where the next petrol stop is in a rural area, or give a true idea of a journey’s length as anyone whose battled mountainous roads will know.

The system provides detailed instructions, spoken and on-screen. The maps contain thousands of points of interest, such as hotels, restaurants, cinemas, restaurants, car parks and golf courses.
CoPilot Live makes any trip, near or far much easier. Simply enter a postcode, or address - or even point to a spot on the map - and CoPilot’s lightning fast route-calculation will plan the most complex journey door to door in an instant.  Even if you do take a wrong turn, it automatically calculates the best new route and estimates a new arrival time. There’s no need to worry about getting lost. You can sit back, relax and actually enjoy the drive.

CoPilot Live supports all popular Pocket PC brands and is available on the latest Windows-based mobile phones, such as T-Mobile’s Nokia N70 and SDAII smartphones and its MDA Pocket PC range.