Expedia addresses rising fuel prices

Expedia.com is introducing two new site features: Fare Alert and Gas Station Locator in a bid to help travelers combat rising fuel and airline ticket prices. The Expedia(R) Fare Alert, a downloadable desktop application, alerts consumers to domestic and international airfares and flight+hotel vacation packages within a user specified price range. Gas Station Locator helps travelers locate the gas station with the least expensive gas nearest to their rental car drop-off location.

“Despite rising prices and industry reports of more costly air travel, demand for summer travel remains strong,” said John Morrey, VP of Air at Expedia.com. “The Expedia Fare Alert and Gas Station Locator features help travelers avoid rising fuel and airfare prices, especially during the busy summer travel months. As the world’s largest online travel agency, Expedia is constantly looking for ways to leverage our travel intelligence to help travelers save time and money.”

The Expedia(R) Gas Station Locator helps those who rent a car avoid overpaying for gas when they return the car to the airport by pinpointing gas stations with the lowest priced gas near the top 50 airports nationwide. Travelers who use the Gas Station Locator will save time by not having to find a gas station at the last minute and save money by knowing where to go for the cheapest gas and avoiding the high cost of having the rental agency refuel for them. Found on the Expedia.com cars page, Gas Station Locator features a drop down menu of the nation’s top 50 airports and allows the user to search for relevant gas stations by city. Upon selecting an airport location, the user is presented with up to five stations nearest the airport with the current price of regular unleaded gas at each.

The new Fare Alert tool helps travelers avoid overpaying for flights by conducting regular searches on Expedia.com and automatically alerting the user on their computer desktop when an airfare is found below their designated price. Fare Alert is the only tool of its kind from an online travel agency that provides pricing information on both flights and flight+hotel vacation packages. 
Consumers who book with Expedia get added peace of mind thanks to the Expedia(R) Best Price Guarantee, which is the most comprehensive customer guarantee in online travel and covers everything sold on Expedia.com. Please see Expedia.com for full details.

The ATA recently reported that airfares in the U.S. rose 10.6 percent in 2006 over the same period in 2005, but according to a study commissioned by Expedia.com, 55 percent of U.S. adults plan to fly as much this summer as last summer.(1) A lucky few are able to avoid the impact of higher fuel and fares this summer. According to Expedia.com data, ticket prices to and from the following destinations have decreased year-over-year: Denver to Phoenix (35.6 percent), followed by Chicago to San Antonio (26.9 percent), Seattle to Puerto Vallarta (26.1 percent) and Miami to Cancun (24.5 percent).(2)