Timeshare industry seeks profile change

The Organisation for Timeshare in Europe is to study ABTA to gain tips
on raising its own profile within the UK and rest of Europe.The plan was revealed at OTE’s recent conference in Manchester by the
organisation’s communications council chairman Robin Mills.

Mills told delegates that ABTA had gone through restructuring and
communicated the changes to the industry well.

Mills said: “We can look at what ABTA has done. It has gone through some
changes and a restructuring. People ask me why we have changed things
but we have to change and develop alongside consumer trends and wishes.”

OTE’s recent survey among UK timeshare owners also highlighted a lack of
awareness of the organisation and the important role it plays within the
industry. The study, which received more than 15,000 responses, showed
58% did not know whether their timeshare resort was a member of OTE. In
addition, 70% did not know whether membership was important. The UK
represents the largest numbers of timeshare owners in Europe - some

And Sue McNicol, head of OTE UK, said: “We are younger than ABTA and
have a long way to go to raise the profile and make sure people know who
we are and what we do.”


McNicol also said resort owners and their sales teams would have a role
to play in increasing OTE’s profile by ensuring they know all about the
organisation and that its logo is included in all literature.

OTE also plans to theme its European Timeshare Business Forum, scheduled
to take place from 9 to 12 of November in Cannes, around ‘The Challenge
of Change’.