French Polynesia gets chic new spa

The new InterContinental Resort and Thalasso Spa Bora Bora is opening its doors in French Polynesia.
From the sleek design of the Bubbles Bar, to the revolutionary eco-friendly air conditioning system, the InterContinental is dedicated to giving guests a unique island experience.  The design of the resort features both thatched roof overwater Villas and sleekly designed public areas and restaurants, melding island traditions with the metropolitan.

This is evident in some of the new cocktails and recipes that have been developed to launch the various dining options at the resort.  Bubbles Bar has developed the Bubbles Cocktail, which combines tropical and traditional flavors, using blue curaƧao, banana liquor and French champagne, for a truly distinctive island cocktail.

Fine dining restaurant Le Reef is also fusing French and Polynesian fare with unusual ingredients to develop dishes as spectacular as the view over the lagoon.  Dishes such as Red Mullet and Candied Vegetables are included alongside traditional Polynesian dishes such as Poisson Cru (marinated fish served with coconut cream and limes).

From cool air conditioning to cool drinks, InterContinental Resort and Thalasso Spa Bora Bora is the newest hot spot in French Polynesia.