GlobalStar, AgentWare sign global deal

AgentWare’s Trip Console search and booking application is now available to GlobalStar Partners as part of a new global agreement.  Leveraging Trip Console’s up-to-the-minute intelligence, GlobalStar Partner agents will have access to a complete, real-time view of the current travel market and gain the ability to immediately search and book more than 80 airlines, consolidators and aggregators using AgentWare’s unique “click-once, search twice” technology.

“We are thrilled that AgentWare is being extended to the entire GlobalStar partnership on a preferred basis” said Peter Klebanow, GlobalStar Global Chairman and President Ultramar Travel Management. “With air fares so transparent today, it’s critical that the off-line fare shopping channels mirror the on-line channels for integrity with our clients. This is why we have had every agent desktop loaded with AgentWare for the last couple of years and now our partners around the world can do the same.”

Under the terms of GlobalStar Travel Management’s agreement with AgentWare, all GlobalStar Partners will be able to access and utilize Trip Console’s extensive airline and hotel inventory for a preferred rate.  As a result, participating travel agents will have the opportunity to expand their search and booking operations to include to those airlines currently not accessible through traditional GDS systems, including JetBlue, Ryanair, easyjet, GOL and many other airlines in Europe, the Americas and Australia.

“Both AgentWare and GlobalStar are committed to providing travel professionals with the services, information and tools they need to effectively compete in today’s evolving travel market,” AgentWare President and CEO Ivan Bekkers said.  “By making Trip Console available to all of GlobalStar’s Partners, we are providing them with the clarity and efficiencies needed to deliver the best travel choices to their clients during this time of rapid industry change.”

AgentWare’s Trip Console enables travel professionals to collect and provide real-time, actionable fare and rate data to customers and then seamlessly integrate transaction data into existing back-office operations - minimizing the opportunity for manual error and increasing productivity and profitability.