iBAHN launches Conference PC

iBAHN is launching Conference PC, a complete hotel guest computer system with the flexibility of wireless.

iBAHN Conference PC is a wireless version of the Lobby PC, and is specifically designed for use in conference spaces or outside of meetings, and can be easily moved to any location within the hotel that has Wi-Fi service. The Conference PC provides a low-maintenance, high-value solution for hoteliers who wish to provide additional services to their conference planners.

“iBAHN Conference PC contains all the benefits of the Lobby PC with the added convenience of a wireless connection to high speed Internet access (HSIA), ” said Wendy S. Kelley, vice president of marketing. “Hoteliers can now set up a computer offering anywhere in the hotel, at a moment’s notice, without the hassle of needing wired ports or hubs to connect multiple computers.”

“Hotel event staff expressed to us how they love the added revenue provided by having an Internet Café available outside a meeting, but hate the hassle of the setup process and the technical expertise required,” said Joseph J. Rook, Jr., vice president of sales. “Setting up an iBAHN Conference PC is effortless - just place it wherever you want and turn it on.”

iBAHN Conference PC has all the features of the wired Lobby PC. Both units provide users a “clean PC” since the computer system clears all session information (cookies, passwords, site history, etc.) between users. In addition, the unit ensures the confidentiality of guest information through enterprise-grade security features. The Conference PC can work with any Internet provider, and can be used in hotels that do not currently use iBAHN as a service provider. The unit includes standard office applications as well as an Internet browser.