Airlines question A380 orders after delays

Emirates, the biggest customer for the A380, is still commited despite the plane’s delays. But a Malaysia Airlines union wants its orders cancelled. 
This comes after the superjumbo’s manufacturer Airbus informed clients of a six month delay in deliveries saying it hoped the aircraft would be operation by January 2008.

“We are not considering cancelling our order,” an Emirates official told Reuters news agency on Wednesday. “We have not thought about that.”

While the Malaysian Airlines System Employees Union (MASEU) has called for the cancellation purchase of six A380 aircraft. 

MASEU said the purchase of the aircraft should be put on hold until Malaysia Airlines returned to profitability.

United Postal Services (UPS) has also said it s still committed to the A380, as is Etihad Airways and Lufthansa.


Parent firm of Airbus, European Aeronautic Defence & Space Co (EADS) shares tumbled 26 percent after the news of delays and this has led European politicians to step into the commercial debarcle.

French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin said he wants to change the complex ownership structure at the Franco-German aerospace group, according to Dow Jones news wire.

The delays and overun in costs for the A380 has even become an issue in the campaign for next year’s presidential election.

Germany’s Economics Minister Michael Glos has also voiced his opinion saying that shareholders of EADS should resolve their differences on how to deal with the delay as soon as possible.

Instead of debating the causes of the delay, the stakeholders should look forward and seek solutions, Glos told reporters on the sidelines of a conference of Germany’s Industry Association in Berlin.