Greece headlines Med Travel Fair

Greece has been announced as the Feature Country for Mediterranean Travel Fair, which will take place in Egypt on 5 - 7 September 2006.

It is part of its continued endeavours to use high-profile events to externally market its hospitality industry.

Greece has participated in Mediterranean Travel Fair since its inception in 2000 and is considered one of the most valued exhibitors in the exhibition.

The Feature Country idea was initiated in 2005 by Mediterranean Travel Fair organiser Reed Travel Exhibitions as part of its continued drive to deliver more value to participants.

It was designed to achieve maximum visibility for a specific exhibiting destination every year, hence enabling it to capitalise on the full range of opportunities, which the event creates.


Greece was selected as the 2006 Feature Country in light of the intensive advertising campaign that it has undertaken prior and since the Olympics to market the country as a premier tourist destination.

Since inception in 2000, Mediterranean Travel Fair has established itself as a main platform for showcasing the tourism industry in the Eastern Mediterranean region and enhancing awareness of existing opportunities by bringing key industry players face to face under one roof.

“We are certain that our participation as a Feature Country will significantly contribute to our ongoing profile-raising campaign of tourism in Greece. Egypt is a very important market for us and so is the entire Eastern Mediterranean region and we strongly believe MTF is the right platform to use to access this whole region,” a source at the Greek Ministry of Tourism said.

“We are very proud to have Greece as the Feature Country of MTF 2006. The Feature Country, as well as many other initiatives in the pipeline, demonstrate our commitment to continuously improve on our performance. To make Mediterranean Travel Fair a truly world class event,” said Mr Chris Chackal, Group Exhibition Director.

Mediterranean Travel Fair offers the ultimate in networking opportunities

Mediterranean Travel Fair (MTF) is dedicated to showcasing tourism in the Eastern Mediterranean region and raising awareness of the changing travel trends within the industry. It incorporates the key markets of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Libya, Turkey, Greece and Cyprus.

Mediterranean Travel Fair 2006, opening in Cairo from 5 - 7 September, will bring to the forefront changes and determinants affecting the growth of tourism in this region and highlight many of its exciting, yet untapped, opportunities.

2005 witnessed significant growth in international tourism and many Eastern Mediterranean countries have also achieved outstanding growth rates by jumping on the running train of industry boom. This prompted a massive infrastructure development, aggressive portfolio management actions and a greater diversification of activities within Eastern Mediterranean markets.

Mediterranean Travel Fair functions as a catalyst of industry growth. It offers exhibitors the ultimate opportunity to maximise their potential by marketing their destinations and range of goods and services to key industry professionals. Whilst, visitors are adequately updated on opportunities that have not yet been fully captured and which may be crucial for sustaining the steady upturn in the industry. The Fair’s extensive seminar programme also allows visitors to keep abreast of industry’s key topics.

“This is an excellent time to exhibit at Mediterranean Travel Fair and benefit from this exciting period of growth and development in the Eastern Mediterranean. Mediterranean Travel Fair is an ideal platform to generate new leads, strengthen relationships and promote company profiles,” said Mr Chris Chackal, Group Exhibition Director.