Eastern Airways joins UATP network

Eastern Airways, UK, is the latest regional airline to choose UATP as a form of payment for its corporate travelers. Eastern Airways now accepts all UATP corporate cards and is a part of the UATP global corporate travel payment network.

“Supplying customers with what they want, with the best service possible, is at the heart of Eastern Airways’ product strategy,” says Keith Watson, Eastern Airways’ head of sales. “We responded to our corporate clients’ desire to accept UATP in conjunction with continually adding new routes and services on our flights. Customer demand drives our business, and we will continue to meet those demands.”

Eastern Airways will settle all UATP transactions through UATP Settlement Services (USS), a low-cost, weekly settlement system that matches fees and air tickets electronically, allowing for easy reconciliation of accounts for UATP transactions for customers with non-clearinghouse transactions.

“Europe continues to see growth and profitability; Eastern Airways has positioned itself to capture these opportunities by including UATP in its strategy for increased market share,” said President and CEO Ralph Kaiser, UATP. “Eastern is making smart business decisions through its planning and distinguishing itself by meeting customer demands and offering excellent customer service.”

Eastern Airways operates 40,000 flights a year to 18 airports in the UK and Europe. Specialty services are also offered including special to-order passenger and freight aircraft charter service throughout the UK and Europe. Eastern Airways is also a distinguished member of ERA, and winner of the ERA Silver Award Airline of Year for two consecutive years—2003/4, 2004/5