Mauritius welcomes construction plans

The island of Mauritius and Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority has announced that two new five-star properties will be constructed on the island within the next 12-18 months.Joining Mauritius’ roster of luxury resorts are a Four Seasons property and a new Ananda destination-spa. The Ananda spa development is the first resort to be built outside of India by the award-winning wellness centre (and just the second in the chain as a whole).

The decision by Ananda to construct a destination spa follows on from the success of the MTPA’s long-standing campaign to highlight the sights and activities that lie beyond the beach. Interest in the spectacular flora and fauna of the Black River Gorges region in the Southwest of the country and a boom in adventure tour operators in the region have also contributed to the island’s increasing diversity.

Sohun (Toto) Ghoorah, UK director of the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority says: “The Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority and the Mauritian people are thrilled to welcome both Four Seasons and Ananda to Mauritius. Their properties further the options available to discerning holidaymakers and create even more reasons for British travellers to experience Mauritian hospitality.”