More women travelling alone

It’s the women who are desperate to score their own goals. Research launched today by Just You, specialists in holidays for single travellers, shows that increasing numbers of women are craving ‘me-time’ and long to be by themselves.

Forget World Cup Widows, a new generation of women are emerging who are blowing the whistle on dependent women and showing companions a red card! This new category of liberated women has been labelled: WISE (Women who Insist on Single Experiences), and these women are not afraid to be alone!

Sisters are doing for themselves, and by themselves

The new research has shown that the days of men and women disagreeing in department stores look set to be a distant memory: 73% of women currently in relationships prefer to shop alone. And it’s not just making those all important purchases that women like to do single-handedly, 69% of ‘attached’ women also like to keep fit and exercise on their own.

Home or away, women want to be ‘all by themselves’, even in situations which previously attracted social stigma, the research has shown that women favour their own company:


á 19% prefer to travel by themselves

á 14% would rather go on holiday alone

á 10% women prefer dining alone

á 12% would rather go to the cinema on their own

For a majority of women, ‘me-time’ is more appealing than ‘we-time’! 67% of women in relationships said being by themselves in these situations is more relaxing. Whilst, 61% of women actually preferred their own company, 50% said ‘going alone’ gave them the chance to be selfish and guilt free!

Jenni Trent Hughes, Counsellor and Relationship Expert, isn’t surprised that women revel in their own company. “When people need answers they turn to us. Everything from ‘Where’s my PE kit?’ to ‘Where’s that report?’ women are expected to sort the world out! Is it any wonder then that so many of us are desperate for a little downtime? Men might dream of going to the World Cup with a gang of mates but most of us women just dream of spending a bit of time on our own. We’d happily settle for 20 minutes in a bubble bath!”

No holds barred holidays

With the summer season upon us, it won’t just be the married couples discovering new destinations and experiences this year. The appeal of ‘aloneness’, coupled with the freedom to do what they please, is encouraging women to spend those much-deserved holidays on their own. In fact 31% women would consider holidaying alone or as part of a group with other single travellers.

And it’s not surprising as the Just You research revealed that the conflict could start before they have even set off. 20% women have disagreed on a holiday destination with their traveling companions! And while a holiday might be a break from the norm, sometimes it’s not a break from the bickering: 12% of women in relationships admit to often or always arguing on holiday. With the research showing that relaxation is the number one priority for women on holiday, maybe they are better off by themselves!

Holidays alone needn’t be daunting, Jenni Trent Hughes continues: “I went on my first trip alone when I was 23 and have never looked back. Travelling alone is one of life’s secret pleasures and for women it is even more of a treasure. As much as we love our partners, family, friends and jobs, the idea of having a few guilt free days is surely a dream come true!”

And holidays are changing. Whilst the appeal is still there, women are craving more adventurous and different experiences. For a third of all women, exploring and experiencing new cultures is the most important aspect of a holiday. Another 10% consider memorable or eye opening encounters as their number one priority.

So forget Falaraki and blow out the Balearics; women are heading off the beaten track. The changing tastes of the WISE are reflected in Just You’s top holiday destinations:

1. China

2. Italy

3. South Africa

4. Croatia

5. America

6. Austria

7. Czech Republic

8. New Zealand

9. Canada

10. South America

Imogen Warren is a prime example of a WISE woman. The 37 year old from Shropshire wanted to travel the world and so booked nine back-to-back single travel holidays this year. Crossing three continents in three months, Imogen has just returned: “I was aware there was a big world out there and was anxious to explore, but I work hard and I study hard, and there never seems enough time to play. My answer was taking a sabbatical. This allowed me to become a serial holidayer, gave me some much needed me-time, and I had the time of my life!”

As Jenni Trent Hughes continues: “But what about me? is a cry whimpered by women from one end of the UK to the other. The average woman will put everything and everybody before herself and on her To Do list ‘Take care of me’ is almost always at the bottom. Yes there are only 24 hours in a day but for our happiness and sanity we need to be sure that at least some of that time is for ‘me’.”