JustTourFrance.com adds mapping service

JustTourFrance.com is implementing Multimap’s ‘Storefinder’ service to its website in a bid to encourage users to book. The addition of the service to www.justtourfrance.com is expected to help to build users’ confidence to make a booking by enabling them to familiarize themselves with unknown areas, and to see how close features such as the city center, meeting venues, and tourist hotspots are to particular hotels. It will also help them to locate suitable hotels in a matter of seconds. The resultant impact on sales is expected to be considerable.

Commenting on the deal, Clare Plaister of JustTourFrance.com, stated, “As a leading provider of tourist information for visitors to France, it was clearly of huge importance to us that our mapping partner has excellent and comprehensive street-level coverage of the country. Multimap offers the unique combination of top-notch coverage, low implementation costs and quick implementation, and a reliable service 24x7. It was the clear winner for us when it came to selecting a mapping partner, and customer feedback tells us that it’s already been a huge hit with our users!”

“No longer do people have to rely on a text description of a hotel’s location; nor do they have to trawl through many options and guestimate how close they might be to desired location. They simply choose a location to see a list of suitable options, and select what interests them to view a detailed map. We are delighted with the service,” she continued.

Visitors to www.justtourfrance.com select the ‘Hotels’ or ‘Gites and Cottages’ link on the right of the homepage; select a region, area, and/or town, and hit ‘Find’. Each featured hotel or holiday accommodation has a ‘Map’ link for the user to access an interactive map, with zoom in/out and pan N,S,E,W functionality, and an icon pinpointing the location of the hotel. Visitors can also opt to view locations of all hotels or all self-catering holiday homes and gites in the area, as well as an overview map.  For detailed information about any of the accommodation options represented on the map, and to make a booking, they simply click on the appropriate link.

Commenting on the deal, Steve Frost, Multimap’s Head of Sales, Europe, said, “We have been working with first-class players in the travel sector around the world for a decade. Our location-based services are the perfect complement to travel web sites as choosing a hotel is largely determined by its location and what’s in the surrounding area. We are delighted to welcome JustTourFrance.comto our 1,000-strong portfolio of business clients and are pleased to be working with its team to provide a service that is of very real value to customers when it comes to choosing a suitable accommodation provider.”