One day strike may hit JAL

A total of four unions representing Japan Airlines cockpit crew, cabin attendants and other workers may hold a one-day strike on Wednesday June 21.The JAL Group management is making every effort to prevent a strike. Even if the strike goes ahead, there will be no disruption of international flights but some domestic flights on June 21 will be affected.

Potential impact:

1. International flights - normal: On June 21 all JAL international flights will operate normally, even if the strike goes ahead.

2. Domestic flights - some disruption:  If the JAL Japan Cockpit Crew Union* decides to strike there will be some disruption to JAL’s domestic schedule. We estimate that up to 152 (24%) of domestic flights might be cancelled, out of 646 flights originally scheduled on June 21. Detail below.

Domestic flights plan June 21 2006


Usual schedule: 646 flights

Flights operated: 496 (76%)

Flight delayed: 14

Flight cancellations: 152 (24%) 

Number of passengers inconvenienced if strike goes ahead: 13,000

(Even if the other three unions listed above decide to strike, there will be no further impact on JAL’s schedule.)