Emirates employs Trend Micro for spam

Trend Micro’s advanced e-mail scanning technology has been selected by the Emirates Group in order to reduce the volume of spam (unsolicited commercial e-mail) being received by the organisation. The solution - Trend Micro’s Gateway Scanning for Viruses and Spam - is designed to monitor the incoming e-mail traffic, filtering out potentially harmful or unwanted material. Mercator, the IT division of the Emirates Group, has invested in this technology for more than 18,000 Emirates employees.

Justin Doo, Managing Director, Trend Micro Middle East and North Africa, said:
“Given the complexity and scale of Emirates Group’s operations and the importance it places on clear communication with customers and staff, it was essential that the Gateway solution was resolute in its defense of company systems. It also had to be flexible enough to ensure that the right e-mails reached the right people.”

Emirates Group implemented Trend Micro’s Solution, after extensive testing, to increase efficiency and improve protection. This accomplishment also aims to combat both the reduction in internal effectiveness and the security threat posed by rising volumes of spam. Increased spam could also introduce security risks by importing potentially harmful web links and viruses into a trusted environment.

Patrick Naef, Emirates’ Senior Vice President IT, said: ‘E-mail is an essential communication tool within the aviation business, and we recognise that spam reduces our system’s effectiveness and presents an extra, unnecessary burden to our employees. By removing this material and reducing the number of emails processed and stored, the solution will enable us to re-invest the time and electronic resources back into serving our customers.’

Covering Emirates’ entire international network of offices, technology experts suggest that the solution is one of the most advanced and effective intelligent scanning and security solutions currently deployed within the aviation industry.


Fabian D’Souza, Emirates’ Technical Support Manager, said: ‘In addition to preventing potential problems by stopping unsafe emails, it reduces message delivery processing time and network bandwidth on our email application servers. This could not have been achieved without the sound cooperation and technical support provided by Trend Micro during this project implementation.’

Along with Emirates, Trend Micro works with a number of iconic Middle East entities, including Dubai Silicon Oasis and Bahrain’s Central Informatics Organisation (CIO).