S7 Airlines flies from Irkutsk to Beijing

The S7 Airlines has used a new Boeing 737-500 aircraft to make the first regular flight from Irkutsk to Beijing. S7 Airlines specialists, jointly with the Irkutsk airport, have secured an access to the new Boeing 737 aircraft, which was not used in Irkutsk earlier.

Pilots, technicians and flight attendants have been trained at leading world aviation centres. Boeing 737-500 aircraft is capable of carrying 104 passengers. The S7 fleet currently has ten Boeing 737-500 aircraft. All of them are equipped with CFM56-7 engines supplied by the CFMI company, a joint venture of General Electric (the US) and Snecma (France). High fuel efficiency and relatively small seating capacity make this type of aircraft ideal for short and middle-range routes with modest passenger flows.